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The Ultimate Guide to Pergola Dimensions

The Ultimate Guide to Pergola Dimensions

While framing a pergola for your gardens, balconies, or decks, strategic planning is essential. You need to get the exact pergola dimensions which would cut a dash on your guests at a single sight. 

A pergola stands out to be a shadowy walkaway similar to porticos. To get an impressive outlook you need to correctly figure out the exact pergola dimensions. You also need to work out the exact suitable spot for its location.

How to measure for a Pergola Dimension?

First of all, you need to identify the right location for your pergola. It is the base for an eye-catching pergola. You should carefully plan the dimensions accordingly. The main and basic thing is to place it neither in a very compact way or vice versa. Also, it should be placed at an adequate location at the best routes which link through that passage.

There are several materials and sizes available easily in the market for your pergola. It is often possible the material you chose can offer a limited reach to respective sizes. There is no need to worry. You can go for the custom pergola dimensions with your chosen material.

What are the standard Pergola dimensions?

Unlike others, pergola dimensions are having their standard values. There are a few of these standard pergola dimensions. It depends on you how you match and put them together. The conventional size altogether is 13 feet into 19 feet. The standard is concerning the rafters on the top of pergolas.

The shafts are standardized with 1 foot and 6 inches or 18 inches. Collectively, the dimensions you will get for your pergola as standard will be approximately 10 feet into 16 feet. You could probably require more posts than the standard number of 4.

These standard values are the recommended dimension, though you can also go for custom.

Although these are the typical standard sizes, it may be possible your manufacturer won’t have the same standard size kit. You can look for other best pergola dimensions further in the context.

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What are the common pergola sizes?

There is a wide panorama of shapes and dimensions of pergolas. Usually, pergolas can run somewhere in the range of 8 feet by 8 feet, to 20 feet by 20 feet. Besides, you can choose the custom dimensions which you find going along well with you. They don't need to square if they are not very charming and exquisite.

The size of the pergolas rafter

The main feature and point of attraction, the rafter of the pergola needs to be of perfect dimensions. They are what determine the required amount of shade. They can be of varying dimensions for every individual.

Usually, there are dimensions 2 inches into 6 inches. Also, they can be 2 inches into 8 inches and 1.5 inches into 7.25 inches. You can choose the length of the rafters as much as you like. Dimensions will keep increasing simultaneously according to the amount of area you need it to cover. Thus, the longer the area, the more rafters you require.

The size of pergola posts

Determining the size and strength of the pergola post is of utmost importance. They are similar to the foundation of a building, which is the main base of the massive building. They have to hold up the entire weight of the structure and rafter. Their size is influenced by a few factors like-

  • The total height of the ceiling

  • The entire pressure and weight the pergola is exerting

  • The quantity and location of posts

The standard size of pergola mentioned prior will usually use 6 into 6 inches support posts. There is less probability that the pergola will require 4*4 inches pergola pillars. It is when you use more of them like 5-6 or more.

As you would be aware of the fundamental engineering principle that the hole’s depth for the posts would be approximately one-fourth of its height. Therefore, for standard pergolas, the holes should be 10 inches in diameter. You can have pergolas already in connection with the wall or any other structure. This will lead to fewer posts. Also, the weight of the pergola will be reduced to a noticeable extent due to the attachment to the structure. Though it doesn’t refer to the posts need not be strong and weight-bearing.

The usual length of the post concerning the ceiling of the height will be 9 feet or 11 feet. The material of the pillars determines the girth of the posts. They can vary for every design and carving.

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The ceiling height of the pergola

The height of the ceilings of pergolas can vary differently for everyone. Usually, they are 8-10 feet tall. This is a standard dimension that can very well go along with enclosed rooms like rooms or garages. When determining the ceiling height of the pergola you must remember that the rafter also occupies a certain height. Usually, pergolas are located in open areas, so no such problems are occurring. But while attaching to an already constructed structure, it is important to verify certain details. These include-

  • Exact alignment with the structure should be kept properly.

  • Rafters lining- Make sure for the elegant appearance, the rafter is nicely lined correctly with the structure.

5 steps to find your perfect pergola size

  1. Understand what furniture you need first or purchase the furniture you need — having the correct furniture as a top priority or close by will help you know how much space you'll require from your pergola.

  2. When you have potential pergola measurements as a primary concern, place a visual gauge on the ground — If you're assembling the pergola in your yard, stake out the corners. In case you're building it on your yard or patio, use another marker or cones to give you a sight of the pergola size.

  3. Spot your genuine furniture in the space and perceive what it looks like — This is the most ideal approach to know whether your furniture fits serenely or if your pergola is too huge or excessively little.

  4. If in case you like the look and feel of your pergola measurements, mark it down — If you're not going along well with it, discover another size and attempt once more.

  5. When you have the pergola area settled, you'll need to settle on the height — You can pick up an 8-foot high pergola for most plans. However, it is prescribed that you can expand it to 9 feet high if you need to incorporate lighting or roof fan accessories.

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We hope this detailed guide will make your selection for pergolas extremely easier. Also, it will give you an insight into the different sizes you can opt for according to your interest and budget.

If you are planning to build a Pergola, contact us to get the detailed project plan.

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