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Lumber and Rebar Delivery to Bonita Springs

When searching for a lumber supplier, it's vital to find a reliable one that meets your time constraints and budget. After all, lumber is essential for most DIY and construction projects. For over 50 years, Florida Lumber has been supplying home and business owners in South Florida with high-quality lumber to satisfy their needs.

Our Lumber Supply Services in Bonita Springs

At Florida Lumber, we offer a large lumber selection in various sizes to suit your unique requirements. You can either order boards or tongue-and-groove items in the following wood species:

  • Spruce: If you need lumber for a light construction project, framing or boat masts, spruce is the perfect choice since it's soft, easy to work with and affordable. 
  • Treated and untreated southern yellow pine: Yellow pine is a durable wood ideal for outdoor projects. It's also used for trusses and construction framing. 
  • Cedar: Many contractors favor cedar for its natural resistance to decay and pests, making it a good fit for roof shingles, posts and decks. 
  • Hem-fir: If you need treatable wood, consider using hem-fir, as it accepts sealants and finishes quickly. Hem-fir is often used for decorative projects and interior flooring. 

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Additional Services

Florida Lumber offers more than just lumber. We are your one-stop shop for a range of building supplies, such as:

Rebar and Accessories

Rebars are essential to any construction project, allowing you to build a strong foundation. We provide custom rebar and accessories tailored to suit your building designs. 

Trex® Decking

Our team will work with you to build the ideal outdoor space with our Trex® decking. Trex® offers low-maintenance, sturdy decking in various styles and colors to match your interior and exterior design elements. 

Concrete and Cement

At Florida Lumber, you can find a wide array of concrete blocks in different sizes. Count on us to cater to all your construction and DIY project needs. 

Paint and Hardware

In addition to providing your primary building materials, we offer finishing materials such as paint and other hardware items. Our inventory includes a wide variety of styles to complement your interior and exterior decor. 

Plywood and MDF

Florida Lumber supplies high-quality plywood and medium-density fiberboard (MDF) for paneling, boating projects and furniture manufacturing. Speak to our experts about our selection of plywood and MDF, and they will help you find the correct type. 

Reliable Southwest Florida Lumber Suppliers

Florida Lumber sells lumber and other materials, but we offer much more. You experience an array of benefits when you partner with us, namely:

  • Respectful customer service: Our team provides expert advice and assistance, helping you get the perfect product to make your project successful.
  • Easy shopping: Enjoy a convenient shopping experience with our easy online or in-store purchasing. You can also request a job site lumber delivery in Bonita Springs, giving you more time to focus on your project. 
  • Quality products: We provide items of unmatched quality in a wide variety of sizes and styles so you can personalize your DIY or construction project as you wish. 

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At Florida Lumber, we specialize in superior building materials and timely deliveries. Request a quotation today for wholesale lumber in Bonita Springs!