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Lumber and Rebar in Broward County

Are you searching for a place to get your lumber supply in Broward County? Look no further — Florida Lumber has a wide selection of high-quality wood and other building materials for your construction projects. We can deliver your lumber from our Miami branch to your construction site in Broward County. Speak to our experts about what you're looking for, and they will ensure you get precisely what you need without breaking the bank.  

Our Wholesale Hardwood and Softwood Supply in Broward County

Each construction project varies and requires different types of wood. Some wood species are better suited for exterior use, while others are perfect for indoor finishes. At Florida Lumber, we have the best of both worlds with our hardwood and softwood options.


Hardwoods have complex structures and a greater density, making them stronger than softwoods. Hardwoods are ideal for indoor and outdoor flooring, trusses and decks. We offer a selection of treated or untreated southern yellow pine for all your heavy-duty applications.


Unlike hardwoods, softwoods have a low density, which means they are lighter in weight and better suited for light- to medium-duty applications, such as interior flooring. We offer the following softwoods:

  • Cedar
  • Spruce
  • Hem-fir

If you're looking for a resistant wood that's easy to work with, we recommend cedar since it has a high natural resistance to decay, making it perfect for roof shingles. On the other hand, hem-fir offers a treatable surface for finishes and decorative items. 

Additional Building Material Supplies 

Do you need more than just lumber? You're in the right place. At Florida Lumber, we offer more than wood supplies. You can come to us for all your construction needs. 

Rebar and Accessories

We can help you build sturdy foundations with our rebar options. Get in touch with our team for custom rebar in Broward County. 

Concrete Blocks and Cement

We understand how essential concrete is to any construction project. Come to us for timely concrete block and cement deliveries. 

Paint and Other Hardware Materials

Once you've laid the foundation of your building and completed its structure, it's time to consider your finishing materials, such as paint. We offer various finishes to help you master your project's aesthetics. 

Trex® Decking

Are you making an outdoor entertainment space? We have the perfect solution. With Trex® decking, you can enjoy a low-maintenance, durable outdoor deck in various styles to suit your home's decor. 

Plywood and MDF

At Florida Lumber, we provide a range of plywood and medium-density fiberboard (MDF) at a reasonable price. Whether you need to construct panels or furniture, you can count on us to help you find the right wood. 

Contact Us for Wholesale Lumber in Broward County

At Florida Lumber, we pride ourselves on top-notch customer service, high-quality materials, convenient shopping and versatile delivery methods. Rely on us to deliver wholesale lumber orders to your job site in Broward County. Contact us today to request a quote for lumber or other hardware materials!

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