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Hurricane Impact Doors Cost and Key Factors

Hurricane Impact Doors Cost and Key Factors

Hurricane-impact doors or hurricane-proof doors are differently made in comparison to the conventional doors. These doors are made of impact-resistant laminated glass and heavy-duty frames. 

A silicone glazing process is used during manufacturing. The wind-borne debris may chip the glass of hurricane-impact doors; however, it cannot break the glass. Each door is made of two panes of glass and an interlayer of clear polyvinyl butyral is used to join these sheets. 

Hence, a gale cannot easily break the doors. The hurricane impact doors cost depends upon the following factors and it is prudent to learn about these factors before purchasing an impact door.

Hurricane Impact Doors Cost

Installation cost depends on multiple factors. However, an estimated cost of installing a hurricane impact door (60x80 inches in size) is $1,900. On the other hand, it may cost you $1950 to install a sliding window and $500-$600 to install a single-hung window.

Hurricane Impact Doors Cost Key Factors

1.  Physical Components Cost

The impact-resistant glass is the main component of the door. Size matters as well. Hence, both quality of glass and the panel size are the deciding factors in the overall cost of a hurricane-impact door. For example, 

  • A 60x80 inch patio door that is fitted with sliding glass along with an aluminum frame may cost around $2,000 in materials, as a significant portion of the door is made of glass.

  • A hurricane-impact French door may cost less than the aforementioned price due to less requirement of the glass. However, the use of a pricey wood or expensive metal component is going to increase the cost of a moderately priced hurricane-impact door.

The cost of the material for hurricane-impact doors may be as high as $2000 or as low as $1000 depending upon the local price for a particular type of material.

2.  Labor Charge for Installation

Labor fee is the highest influencing factor when calculating the cost of hurricane impact door. However, it depends upon your unique demands. If you install a hurricane-impact door, which is not fitted with any special component then you may have to spend $75-$500 per door. You have to spend more in terms of labor charges if you install a door, which has a complex design, or if you plan to install a door under difficult circumstances.

The labor charge also increases depending upon the skills of a professional who installed a hurricane-impact door. For example, you have to pay more in terms of labor charge in order to hire an architect. 

3.  Unpredictable Cost

When calculating the cost of installing hurricane impact doors, you have to consider the unpredictable expenses. For example,

The discovery of an underlying issue at the location of installation, an unfavorable architecture, weather delays and other issues may increase the cost of installing a hurricane-impact door.

The installation cost increases if a simple event turns into a major rebuilding/revamping project. It may increase the number of working hours for a specialist or type of building materials.

4.  Timing of Installation

The cost of installing a hurricane-impact door also depends upon the time of installation. You are expected to pay more if you want to install this type of door during the hurricane season, as the demand for installing a hurricane-impact door will be higher at this time. 

The labor cost will be higher in this scenario. Hence, it is prudent to install a hurricane-impact door prior to the hurricane season or similar severe weather conditions. The labor cost may be lower at this time and you may even have ample time to wait for lucrative offers.

5. Warranties and Insurance Cost

It is prudent to purchase warranties and insurance policies to protect your investment. It is important to remember that this is going to increase the cost of installation. However, an insurance policy or warranty is going to secure your investment for the foreseeable future.


The hurricane impact doors cost, and its installation depends on several factors. On an average, it may cost $2400-$3000 to install a plain door without exclusive hardware or its not custom manufactured. The cost of installation may significantly increase due to short supply of laborers (resulting from an increase in demand), erratic business challenges, and customized orders.

Are you planning to install a hurricane impact door? Get a custom quote today!

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