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Factors that affect the cost of decking

Factors that affect the cost of decking

Decks are a tremendous improvement for any house. They can improve your yard and make a welcoming space for receiving guests at your house. In addition, they can raise the selling value of your house and enhance curb appeal. A high-quality deck is simple to enjoy for years to come.

However, the procedure one has gone through to get a deck probably doesn't excite most individuals. Many factors are to be taken into consideration, but the cost is crucial for many of us. Cost is typically the primary determining factor for customers when making a significant purchase, so it seems sensible that it significantly impacts how we shop. 

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Factors that affect the cost of Decking

  • Size
  • The deck corners and picture framing
  • Materials
  • Electrical Work
  • Structural obstacles
  • Demolition or Excavation
  • Accessories
  • Leveling
  • Time of installation

1. Size

Usually, the size of a deck corresponds to its cost. The fees increase with the size of your deck. Large decks also require extra footings or support systems, which raises the project's cost. An already built deck may cost more to expand since additional support components will be needed to keep the entire deck stable. When you can identify the primary purpose of your deck, it will be simpler to decide what size it needs to be.

2. The deck corners and picture framing

You can want to create stylish corners that will impress your guests. "Picture framing" refers to the installation of border deck boards around the perimeter of a deck. This method can take an outstanding deck to the next level and inject intrigue into a mundane task. Contemporary composite decking creates the most impactful and dramatic picture frames when a complementing board color other than the field deck boards is employed. However, the labor cost will increase the more complex the design you select. If you decide to go with a complex design, be prepared to pay at least $60 per hour. 

3. Materials

Although pressure-treated wood is typically used to construct decks, other building materials can also be used. Each deck material has advantages and disadvantages; for example, less expensive materials, such as pressure-treated pine, are more vulnerable to the influences of the environment. Synthetic materials, such as PVC and composites, cost more but are more enduring and low maintenance. Although historically more costly than natural materials, composite decking today offers several options that can reduce the cost of building a deck compared to the price of various kinds of wood, such as cedar. You will always discover something that suits your taste and budget among the material available to construct your ideal deck.

4. Labour and permits

Your new deck's size, location, and the materials you choose to employ will all affect the cost of the work needed to build it. The costs will be more the more complex the terrain will work in and the more costly your supplies will be. Additionally, permits may increase overall prices depending on the size of your deck.

A permit from the city is required if you want to construct a new deck, one with three steps or more or one that rises 30 inches or above the ground. Based on when you apply for a permit, it may take a while to get one. During the peak season, obtaining a permit could take weeks or even months, so be sure to apply well in advance when you need one.

5. Structural obstacles

The final cost will also depend on where you plan to install the deck. The installation fee will increase if any barriers need to be removed. You will have to construct a substructure if one doesn't already there. You will pay an additional $4 per sq foot for this. Depending on the vendor you want to work with, the cost to demolish an old deck to install a new one can range from $5 to $15 per square foot.

6. Demolition or Excavation

Do you have a deck that needs to be removed before we start the new construction? Does the construction of your new deck necessitate any additional leveling or digging? You will need to contact a third-party business to perform any excavation work if it is necessary. Our pricing will take any necessary demolition of an existing structure into account. But occasionally, we can save you money by reusing existing deck footings. Before starting from scratch, we are always delighted to have a look.

7. Accessories

Luxury is always expensive. You will have to pay an additional amount of $60 to $90 per hr for labor if you want to install stylish lighting or need plumbing repair. Outdoor furniture, outdoor TVs, outdoor art, sports gear, sashes, large shutters, step lighting, repaired lighting, railing lighting, large flood lamps, portable illumination, deck heating systems, potted plants, grills, beverage grills, and fire features are some of the more popular deck accessories you can choose from.

8. Leveling

By constructing your ideal backyard with a deck, you may expand your usable living area and provide the ideal location for outdoor dining. If your newly completed deck seems somewhat out of level with your house after making such a significant investment, you can become alarmed. To prevent rainwater from collecting around your home and its foundations, attached decks typically slope gently away from the residence so that you can exhale with relief.

9. Time of Installation

Contrary to popular belief, the best season to start building a deck is in the fall rather than solely in the spring or early summer. The impact of the weather on a deck and the components used in the construction is one of our customers' main worries about building in the fall. Additionally, you can anticipate some discount offers if you decide to get it performed in the summer or fall.


Florida Lumber is a firm that can provide you with the qualified services you require if you need to construct your desired deck at reasonable costs with excellent services. Our years of experience and great customer satisfaction ratings contribute to the fact that we are a top-rated home renovation business. So, if you're searching for a top-notch job, we would be delighted to assist you!

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