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Usage of Spruce Lumber

Usage of Spruce Lumber

Spruce is a well-known softwood, widely used and affordably priced. Usage of spruce lumber in the construction industry includes paneling, interior trim, doors and furniture. Spruce is also popular in the use of soundboards. The lightweight design, cost-efficiency and availability in South Florida make it a super choice for specific projects. 

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Usage of Spruce Lumber

Spruce is suitable for light construction and framing work. The relative durability makes it ideal for siding and many other lumber projects, including:

  • Shipping containers
  • Musical instruments
  • Airplanes
  • Boats
  • Tools, oars, ladders, handles

Usage and Types of Spruce Wood

There are 35 species of spruce wood available, with differing looks, uses and resistances. The most famous are:

  • White spruce wood: The creamy variety is lightweight and pliable, making it suitable for crates, construction lumber and millwork. 
  • Sitka spruce wood: The bear claw patterned lumber glues and finishes nicely. These spruces are used for crates, boxes, millwork, masts for boats, spars in aircraft, wind turbine blades, musical instruments and sound equipment.
  • Black spruce wood: The creamy spruce is slightly resistant to decay and is lightweight. It’s typically inexpensive and used for millwork, paper pulp, construction lumber and crates. 
  • Red spruce wood: Locally-sourced red spruce is affordable and is used for Christmas trees, musical instruments, construction lumber, crates and making round timber.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Spruce Wood

Spruce wood is affordable, readily available and has a uniform texture, giving it a smooth finish. Spruce is easy to work with and why carpenters prefer using it, saving resources and time. Heartwood spruce trees have a medium rot resistance.

On the other hand, spruce is sapwood, making them less durable and suitable for indoor use. The lumber type is also susceptible to insects and fungi. 

Differences Between Spruce and Pine Lumber

In terms of practical application, spruce and pine lumber are interchangeable. The primary difference is that spruce lumber is:

  • Less likely to warp or twist
  • More uniform
  • Better in terms of a weight-strength ratio

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Florida Lumber is a family-operated business established in 1966. Our stellar reputation for providing quality lumber and customer service at affordable prices makes us the go-to spruce supplier for contractors, commercial builders, and handypersons in South Florida.

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