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Proper Lumber Storage

Proper Lumber Storage

Whether you're a DIY enthusiast, a seasoned contractor or just someone passionate about home improvement and woodworking projects, proper lumber storage will help you spruce up your work area on a Saturday morning! Ensuring your top-quality wood stays in prime condition gives you more than lumber — it promises rewards like a brighter glazed varnish. Proper lumber storage preserves the perfect, durable and long-lasting finish you love about wooden products.

The Importance of Lumber Storage

Storing lumber correctly is about more than just organization — it helps you protect your lumber's quality. Safely stacked, stored wood may be more resilient against warping, splitting or developing mold. Furthermore, we at Florida Lumber ensure that every piece of wood we sell is high quality. We care about protecting high-grade wood from storage-related damage. So, how can you preserve the quality of your wood in storage?

Lumber Storage Ideas

Depending on how you store your lumber, you can follow these tips:

Outdoor Lumber Storage: 

  • Store the wood in lumber storage racks at an elevated level off the ground. 
  • Cover the wood with a tarp to protect it from UV rays and rain. 
  • Ensure there is ventilation to prevent mold.

Indoor Lumber Storage: 

  • Store lumber indoors in a cool, dry place. 
  • Keep wood neatly organized to ward off warping. 
  • Stack lumber flat with sufficient spacing.

Horizontal Storage:

  • Lay lumber on a cinder block and seasoned wood base.
  • Use stickers between layers for better airflow.
  • Shield the wood by using a tarp with even pressure.

Vertical Storage:

  • Elevate the lumber on a base and support both ends.
  • Consider using cured wood for longevity.
  • Use vertical storage for indoor spaces.

Learn More About Storage Solutions With Florida Lumber

Here at Florida Lumber, we offer more than just lumber. With our extensive experience, we understand the various nuances of wood storage. For those looking for outdoor lumber storage ideas or wanting to understand the intricacies of storing lumber in unpredictable climates, we have the insights and solutions you need. 

Whether you're building a new deck or framing your house, we offer an array of wood choices. We offer guidance on proper lumber storage and care. From advising clients on the right storage strategies to offering personalized tips on how you can store your wood, we care about preserving high-quality lumber. 

Our team members dedicate themselves to our clients' needs to help them make the most of their purchases. Let us be more than your lumber supplier — we are your partner in every home improvement project. For more information on proper lumber storage or for a quote on our high-grade lumber, contact us at Florida Lumber. We are here to help you every step of the way.

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