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How to Measure Closet Doors?

How to Measure Closet Doors?

Closet doors not only conceal the essentials kept inside your wardrobe but they can be a decorative piece to embellish the appearance of a room or add character to the interiors. When renovating a room, you can update the existing door to match a room’s new look or for additional decoration. You may even change an old closet door if it has worn out. 

Regardless of the reason to replace a closet door, it is important to correctly measure closet doors to ensure perfect fit.

How to Measure for Closet Doors? 

There are different types of closet doors available in different sizes. Hence, it may become difficult for you to select the right door for your closet and the following tips may be helpful when measuring the closet doors.

  • Firstly, you have to measure the width of the doorway from inside edges.

It is important to remember that there may be some variation in a closet door’s size in comparison to its original size. It may happen due to poor craftsmanship or foundation settling down. Hence, take multiple measurements at different heights.

  • Next, measure the height of the doorway from the floor to the inside edge.

It is wise to take at least two measurements, as a doorway may lean (a little bit) on either way.

It may be hard to find a door for an opening that is not square. You have two options in this scenario.

  1. Reframing the doorway is the first option. In this scenario, you have to cut and remove the existing trim and jamb. The corners and edges become square in this manner.

  2. The second option is easier. You may search for a door that fits into the existing perimeter. In this scenario, there may be some imperfections (gaps) in some areas. However, you may hide these imperfections using a few trims along the edges of a doorway.

How to Measure for Closet Doors & Interior Doors? 

A closet may have a rough opening and finished opening.

  • The rough opening is seen at the primary stages of building or remodelling a closet.

The wall studs remain exposed in the rough opening. A door’s opening will be considered rough if you measure between the studs despite the application of drywall.

  • The finished opening of a closet door has been fitted with jambs and drywall.

You have to follow the same process when measuring the rough or finished opening of a closet door. You have to follow the same process when measuring any interior door.

  • You have to measure the opening from one inside edge to another inside edge.

  • You have to take the measurement at two or more locations in order to rule out incorrect measurement at both ends, as the opening may be larger at one end in comparison to another.

  • If there is any difference in the measurements, then it is possible to rectify the imperfections in two methods.

  • You may replace the frame of an opening with/without replacing the jamb in order to make it square.

  • The second method is simpler. You may order a closet door in accordance to the smallest measurement. It is going to result in unevenness and there may be a little gap between the doors and the opening. In this scenario, you may use a decorative trim around a door’s opening in order to hide the gap.

How to Measure for Sliding Closet Doors? 

Sliding closet doors are ideal for all types of rooms. They do not open out into the room. Hence, this type of closet door is ideal for compact rooms; however, you may fit it to the closet of any room. It is easier to fit a sliding door in comparison to a conventional door and you have to follow these steps when measuring the opening of a sliding closet door.

  • The width of a sliding closet door’s top mounting track may affect a door’s length. Hence, it is essential to measure this width. If there is thick carpeting near the closet, then you have to reduce a doorway’s length in order to make space for the thick carpet.

  • At first, it is essential to measure the height of a sliding closet doorway’s opening on both left and right sides. The opening may not be square. Hence, it is essential to take both measurements.

  • It is essential to take another measurement at the centre of the doorway if the opening is extra wide.

  • It is equally important to measure horizontally across the top and bottom of the opening. When taking these measurements, you have to measure just below and above the doorframe.

  • You also have to determine the number of sliding doors that you plan to hang on the track when taking measurement, as you have to leave additional spaces for overlapping. Therefore, you have to take measurements of these additional spaces.

How to Measure for Bifold Closet Doors? 

Bi-fold closet doors are equally ideal for compact spaces, as the frames fold and let you open a closet without taking up a lot of space. However, it is a bit tricky to measure the bi-fold closet doors, as you have to keep in mind that the doors will fold on themselves. The following steps may help you when taking measurements before installing the bi-fold closet doors.

  • You have to leave a little bit of space on each side for bracing when installing a bi-fold closet door. You have to include this space when taking measurements.

  • The width of Bifold closet doors are usually 24/30/32/36 inches. Hence, you have to allow 6-12 inches for bracing.

  • When taking measurements, you have to measure a door’s shape at first.

For example, you may have bought a 30-inch bifold door. In this scenario, you have to extend the measuring tape 30 inches to the right when measuring from the top left of a doorway. You have to mark the end and this shows the extent of a door opening.

It is important to measure a doorframe’s height. The finished opening of most bifold closet doors is usually 80.75 inches in height. It is important to maintain this height in order to have sufficient headroom. It is important to measure the height on both left and right sides in order to ensure that you have left adequate space.


You may need to change the closet door because it has worn out or you need to remodel a room and need to install a closet door that compliments the interior décor. Thus, it is important to correctly measure closet doors for a flawless installation.

If you are planning to install a closet door and need help with measuring, contact us today!

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