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Difference between Impact Doors and Average Doors

Difference between Impact Doors and Average Doors

A non-impact door may not provide as much protection as the hurricane-impact door does, because the impact doors have been specially manufactured in order to withstand the severe force of hurricane. A specially manufactured impact-resistant laminated glass is used for the making of hurricane-impact doors.

The glazing silicone is used in order to seal the glass with the heavy-duty frame. This material is a high performance and acetoxy (acetic) cure sealant. This industrial grade and waterproof sealant prevent the glass from breaking off the heavy-duty metal frame despite being hit by the severe force of hurricane.

It is important to remember that a sharp object may chip the glass if it is forcefully hit by this object. However, the entire glass will not break despite being chipped. A layer of clear polyvinyl butyral is used during the manufacturing of hurricane-impact doors. This interlayer prevents the glass from breaking. Hence, the hurricane impact doors provide a higher level of protection in comparison to a traditional door during the severe climatic conditions.

Impact Doors vs. Average Doors

When manufacturing the average doors, two steel facings/skins and one insulating filler are used. A standard entry-door may be fitted with a solid block of wood for additional security, as a handle and lock stay attached to the wooden block. 

It may even be made from a large piece of wood or aluminum. This type of door can provide adequate level of protection to the residents in ideal climatic conditions. However, they cannot withstand the strong force of wind during hurricane or other similar tropical storms. A standard entry-door may start swirling and break after being hit by the strong force of gale.

The impact doors have been manufactured and tested to provide the highest level of protection to the residents. A hurricane-impact door has the following features. 

  • It is made of thick fiberglass facings alongside being fitted with the composite reinforcements. The fiberglass skins do not become warped or distorted due to changes in temperature.

  • A specially developed core of polyurethane foam strengthens the structure of impact door.

  • These doors are also fitted with reinforced hinges.

  • The strong frames make sure that the door remains intact under severe climatic conditions.

A standard door will break after being hit by the strong force of hurricane and the force of powerful wind will destroy all furnishings along with the wall. The roof may even fly off due to being hit by the gale.

A hurricane-impact door can protect your home from this type of destruction. However, it is prudent to install hurricane-impact windows alongside installing the impact doors if you want to protect your home and the valuables during a storm.


The impact doors do not just protect you from the hurricane or similar tropical storms. These doors can protect you from the intruders. It is impossible to break a hurricane-impact door similar to a standard door. 

The glass that is used on an impact door is an impact-resistant glass (two panes of glass are bonded and a layer of polyvinyl butyral is used between the panes). It is impossible for an intruder to break this type of glass similar to breaking a sheet of decorative glass that is used on standard doors. Hence, the impact doors can protect a property as efficiently from the attacks of intruders as from the attacks of storm.

The hurricane-impact doors and windows protect the investment that you made into a property alongside keeping the sum of a home-insurance policy’s premium moderate. 

In Florida, the insurance companies offer incentives/discounts to the clients if they install windstorm mitigation equipment. The hurricane-impact doors and windows fall into this category. Hence, you are eligible to receive an incentive/discount from an insurer after installing a hurricane-impact door in your Miami home and this benefit is not available due to installing a standard door. 

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