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What is a baseboard, and how to select an accurate baseboard?

What is a baseboard, and how to select an accurate baseboard?

Baseboards are very often used while designing the interior of any building today, as they help with protecting the walls as well as hiding any imperfections of the wall or floor. Adding Baseboard trim to interior walls is a straightforward, effective, and cost-efficient technique of adding value to homes. But sometimes, people find it hard when it comes to selecting the right baseboards. In this article, we will help you know more about how to choose the right baseboard.

What do you mean by baseboard? 

Baseboards are wooden boards that run among the wall or floor, and are usually between 3’-8" and arrives in various varieties of materials. Where the base of the baseboard finishes, the floor starts. They mainly cover the lower part of the inner wall, and it helps protect the walls from damages caused by scratches from pets and vacuum cleaner attachments. In addition, there are mainly two features to combine that is to match colors or textures of floors with baseboards. 

Why does one need a Baseboard?

Baseboards give a visual advantage to the room, the main motive of baseboards is more than aesthetic, and they are utilized to protect drywalls. Baseboards are specifically used to protect the junction between the floor and the wall. There are a lot of advantages to the baseboard, hence they have become a popular choice for interiors. Are you planning to install a baseboard but are confused as to which one to pick, here are some steps to follow.                                            

Follow these steps to choose the suitable baseboard

Step 1:-

Select the accurate baseboards based upon numerous aspects like the style of the home, your ceiling tallness, budget, or your preference for the material.

Step 2:-

Think about the requirements of the room of your home. For instance, if your home design is traditional, then go for angular baseboards; if it's more colonial, then go for ornate curves. A vinyl cover is not a good choice for the living room; however, it is an ideal choice for the kitchen or bathroom.

Step 3:-

Choose baseboard material that matches your previous style. So take an existing baseboards piece to the house improvement center for identification; if you are unsure, then it is a good idea to choose. In addition to this, primarily, Baseboards are prepared from MDF (Medium-density grade fiberboard) that is least expensive or is accessible in most profiles or styles. It is typically painting as it does not have grain, and it may not stain. 

Choosing the suitable Baseboard Material

The choice of the material you select for baseboards is based upon your room, like the wood baseboard is fantastic for rooms with wooden floors. Most of the house proprietors pick wood, MDF (medium-density fiberboard), or PVC for their material of Baseboards. Every alternative has various advantages. When you choose a wooden baseboard, you can stain it with paint to give it a natural wood look, however, the price of a wooden baseboard may vary a lot. It is advisable if you are changing only a few of the baseboards, then match the style or material of the latest baseboard with the previous one in a home.

Step 4:-

Make a decision on how tall the Baseboards must be if you are changing the existing Baseboards. To find out the tallness of baseboards, then look at the casings, they are the molding around windows or doors, you have to make sure your baseboard is greater than the casing's width. A good rule of thumb is, if you have an 8-foot wall, then keep the baseboard between 3 or 5 inches long.

Step 5:-

Pick the style that you love and then make a decision, and you must be sure you match your baseboard to your home's character, for instance, if you live in a Victorian house, then you may pick elaborate molding, whereas the modern house is better suitable to plain plank.

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Choosing Baseboard Molding Height

There are some points regarding selecting a baseboard molding height, such as below:

  • Firstly measure your room and calculate how many linear feet of baseboards you would be required to buy. Set your financial plan, and baseboard moldings rated by linear foot.

  • Consider the home style and if you don't know about the style of your house, then look in magazines to find out which style is best or matches your house. 

  • Measure the room height with measuring tape, if the room has a small ceiling, stick with a small baseboard, and if long, then you would stick with long. Taller moldings may overpower the room and are more suitable in rooms.

  • Baseboards or moldings must be almost 6 inches in tallness with high ceilings. 

 Choosing Baseboard color

The classical technique is to utilize the white for trim or ceiling baseboards and then paint the wall. Wood stains or white are ordinary choices, but there are also other options to choose from. Another choice, especially for hardwood baseboards, is matching the floor, finishing or staining them in a similar color as the floors. If you want to go for a niche look of wood, try Walnut or cherry based upon how dark or light of stain you are looking for, as white is an ordinary and well-known color of baseboard for the rooms with flooring that is carpet, wood, ceramic tile, and stone tile. 

Step 6

Lastly, you should review your financial plan for the project and, to secure cash, pick the standard in stock style in material that is ideal for painting. It is essential to think about your budget while selecting baseboards.

Final words

It can be concluded that choosing Baseboards are not difficult if you follow all the tips mentioned above, you may easily select Baseboards. In addition, the need for baseboards is increasing as it has many advantages. It is essential to set your budget then initiate with style or looks and color. As a result, follow the above steps and get more knowledge about these Baseboards.

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