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How to paint baseboards?

How to paint baseboards?

Painting baseboards is one of the exciting tasks that everyone loves to do. After all, it will remodel your home in just a couple of hours. So, here is the complete guide - how to get the most out of painting baseboards? 

Things to keep in mind while Painting Baseboards


  • Get ready with the paint color
  • Always invest in premium paint for high durability and smooth finish
  • Check your tools, especially the good brush for painting
  • Clean the area and baseboards properly to get the best finish after painting it
  • Use best quality sandpaper
  • Use stripes to make perfect paint lines without flaws. 

How to Paint Baseboards? - Find the guide!

Step one - Prep the area you want to paint

  • Start with laying down the cotton cloth or wastage sheet or newspaper to protect the floor from unwanted drops of paint. 
  • Wipeout all the things, especially dust, flaky paint, etc., to get the perfect finish with the help of sandpaper. 
  • Vacuum whole the dust and dirt from the area. 
  • Make sure your area is completely clean and clear so you can move to the next step.

Step two - Use painter’s tape

  • Painter tape is essential to use if you need perfect output. So, start with striping edges of the baseboards along with the floor, so one can paint in the center. This would help you meet perfection. 
  • Don’t overlap the tape if you need perfection. Also, go to edges. The best of this is just to draw the lines or cover the baseboard to paint it perfectly without any flaws. 
  • While applying the tape, make sure to leave a quarter-inch of it beyond the verge of the carpet, so it covers the baseboard quickly. 

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Step three - Start painting

Once your area is ready, starting with painting is the final step. Before you begin, here are few instructions you will need to follow to obtain the perfect outcomes. 

  • Don’t overload the paintbrush and start painting. Just put half of the brush in the bucket and gently remove excess paint from the brush by tapping the brush over the bucket.
  • Once done, start painting your brush from the corner of the baseboards to get the smooth and perfect finish.
  • Choose your direction of painting (horizontally or vertically) as per baseboards length and style. 
  • Apply your brush stroke smoothly in the same direction you have started. To avoid the marks, don’t brush again and again over the dries paint. Do everything before the paint dries.
  • Check on all corners and edges; if there is paint left, complete the flaws and remove the painter’s tape after the paint dries. 

How to remove strips?

  • If possible, pull it off with your hands. In case if it is not, use a knife or cutter to cut off the tape and pull it from the edges. 
  • While doing this, make sure you have maintained a steady process, so it will come up with tidy work. 


So, this was a short guide on how to paint baseboards. Follow the steps, and you will definitely come up with the best work. The pro tip is- do these things when you are free. Otherwise, it will spoil your efforts.

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