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What are Baseboards? Types of Material & Styles and Designs

What are Baseboards? Types of Material & Styles and Designs

The baseboard is a very common name in the world of interior design. The lowest part of the interior wall is covered with this technology. It is also known as skirting board or mopboard or floor molding, etc. 

If you are someone who wants to do major remodeling to your rooms, pay attention to this idea. Different types of molding are popular in the market but the popularity of baseboards can never be ignored. 

This idea of baseboards was once overlooked but is now in the trend. This technology is highly used to safeguard the walls and with baseboards, the walls will look more polished. 

What are Baseboards? 

The idea of baseboard is quite similar to crown molding. Crown molding helps to hide the cracks and here baseboards too help to conceal the joint areas where the wall and the floor meet. It has been noticed that the plaster of a wall can be scuffed by boots or shoes but as soon as the baseboard technology is used, you will reduce these problems. 

Apart from the joints, this system also covers the uneven areas on the floor and gives a polished look. This can also be made up of different types of moldings for beautification work in the room. The concept is now getting huge popularity in the last couple of years and people started recognizing the benefits it offers when added in their interior. Matching the color of a baseboard with the floor is very important for a cohesive look.

Types of Baseboard Material

If you are planning for baseboards, then you should pay attention to the materials used for this. The materials should be similar to the material used for molds. The selection of the material must be based on strength and texture. Well, here you can take a look at the material that is primarily used for baseboards. 

  • Medium Density Fiberboard: Medium Density Fiberboard, which is also popular as MDF, is the prime material for the molding of baseboards. This material is widely used. This is wood-based and a blend can be noticed between wood and wood fibers, resin, etc. This combination will make the material harder and it helps to cut the wood in shape properly and speedily. After mixing the texture becomes more accurate than wood and it becomes quite trouble-free to cut. This is also cost-effective and hence you do not want to expend more than MDF will be the best selection. But this material has a limitation too. When it gets stained, it does not look good at all. You can paint or mold the baseboard as per your choice. 

  • Pine: This type of baseboards maintains the feel of real wood as this is originated from the pine. This type of baseboard is just perfect for those who do not want to spend the extra money.

  • Oak: Baseboards made of oak are harder than that is obtained from the pine and consistent too. These possess the extreme ability to resist the stain and also can bear heavy pressure. However, this will be a bit more expensive than what you get from the pine. 

  • Vinyl: For residential installations, baseboards from vinyl are mainly used. These are available in rolls and these remain fixed with industrial glue. This is also known as PVC.

So, we are sure that you got a clear idea about the available options regarding material to be used for your baseboard. If you are confused about making the selection ask for the expert's advice.

Baseboard Styles & Designs

There is no doubt that the baseboard is in demand for molding the floor and the wall joint. It is also available in various styles and designs. Here you can take a look at the available variety of styles. 

Stepped Or Rounded Trim: Among popular and common styles you can consider this. The width is measured here 5/7 inches and length is 3 to 3.5 inches. The top of this style is shaped in the round and it can easily merge into the wall. Apart from vintage houses, this type of style also suits homes with modern designs. 

Flat Base Molding: The next one is the flat base molding. This type of baseboard has also become quite popular. This versatile molding style is suitable for all types of home and this is cost-effective too. If you plan to adopt this style then you no need to spend extra money. This type of molding design is flat in the front and the thickness of the trim will vary depending on the application. 

Sculpted Mid-Height Baseboard Trim: If you are looking for something trendier then this style of baseboards will fulfill your dream. The upper part of this design is done elaborately and this includes steps that merge nicely with the wall. The normal height of this type of baseboard varies between 4 to 5 inches. 

Sculpted Taller Baseboard Molding: This type of design of baseboards will no doubt make the sculpture more attractive. The height of these designs lie between 5 to 7 inches and width ranges up to 1 inch. However, this style is considered to be the most expensive one.

The above are some of the popular styles that you will find in the market when you look for Baseboards. If you can get in touch with some of the best companies dealing in baseboard you will get an idea as to how such styles can give a different look to your interior with its installation. 


There is no doubt that baseboards can change the essence of a room. The onlooker will surely get attracted to the designs and styles of every type of baseboard. The complete appearance of the room will get an amazing look. You can surely get fruitful information mentioned above and you can apply them nicely to get the best baseboard design at your house.

If you are looking for more information on baseboard, let us know here and will help you with more resources.

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