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How do you cut baseboard outside corners?

How do you cut baseboard outside corners?

Are you having trouble while cutting outside corners of baseboards? If yes, you have landed on the right page, as it will talk about easy tips for cutting baseboards outside without any flaws. 

So, without further ado, let's get started!

How to cut baseboard with miter saw?

Adjust the angle

Most of us set 45 degrees of angle to cut miters on a pair only when they don't fit. Well, there is nothing wrong with it since miters should be placed perfectly to cut smoothly. So the simple trick is to adjust the angle slightly on your miter and cut the moldings from both sides.

One of the best ways is to shim against the miter saw paling to change the angle somewhat. Now move the shim against the blade for the easy adjustments and make it closer for the larger ones. 

Regulate the miter

While doing this process, make sure you have placed your fingers 6 inches far away from the blade. So, choose the gap from the top of the miter by adding shim against the ration of fence farthermost from the blade. Keep the molding tight and hold it in a similar position to cut it off smoothly without flaws. 

Don't overlook another side

Make sure you use the same technique on the other side of the miter to get the finished output. Remember to use the same shim and place it exactly at the same distance you used while cutting the first fence. Now drip the blade slowly into the wood to cut the squeaky slices. 

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How to cut baseboard without miter saw? Use Circular saw!

If you don't have a miter, then add a circular saw to cut the baseboards effectively. Here are the steps:

  • Use a drill with a pivot bit and drill four holes in each corner for a trim block. There should be two holes in every direction, not too close together, at the top and bottom.
  • In one corner, place a block with a level to ensure it is straight. Hammer a few trim nails through the block's exposed sides to give it more stability. The nails should be hammered into the wall directly.
  • Sink the nail heads with a nail set. Each corner of the room should be treated the saw.
  • Between two corner blocks, measure from inside edge to inside edge. Mark the length on a piece of trim with a pencil. Using a ruler, measure and mark the adjacent trim piece. Check your pencil lines with T-square to make sure they are straight.
  • Then, using a circular saw, carefully cut the trim along the lines slowly and carefully. 
  • Between each corner block, place the cut trim edge-to-edge.
  • Finally, you have cutting slices on the floor.


So, you have learned the two methods of cutting baseboards effectively that don't need technician help. Just follow the steps and get your work done.

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