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How Crown Molding can make Your Home Special?

How Crown Molding can make Your Home Special?

When it comes to increasing the aesthetic value of the home, a lot of people go for crown molding. It not only makes the home look better but also saves a lot of money. The installation process is also super easy. But crown molding is not for all homes. 

Before installing crown molding one should discuss with a professional otherwise there is a chance of overuse as well as misuse. 

If you are planning to do crown molding, you should make some wise decisions. We can give you 5 amazing crown-molding ideas that show how crown molding can make your home special. So, without further ado, let’s explore those ideas below.

1. Crown Molding Connects Wall and Ceiling

Crown Molding is the first, as well as the most used crown molding in homes. If you are clueless about how to install and where you should use it to connect the walls and ceiling, you can start with this one. 

These corners generally get the most attention from your home visitors. Why not make these corners beautiful with crown molding! It is also accepted as the most powerful style of crown molding. 

It needs to be installed at a 45-degree angle at the point where walls and ceiling meets. You can join the molding either by coped joints or mitered joints. If you are going for coped molding, you should hire a skilled professional otherwise the entire project can be wasted. 

2. Crown Molding Fills the Gap between the Top of the Cabinet and Ceiling

You may have seen that the space between the top of the cabinet and the ceiling remains dark most of the time. It just ruins the appearance of a room. A lot of people face the same kind of situation. 

Some of them choose to increase the heights of the cabinets and some of them build something above the cabinets to conceal the empty dark space. If you are facing the same situation, you can solve this problem with the help of crown molding instead of following the traditional ways.

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3. Crown Molding over an Interior Door Introduce the Next room’s Style

You may have seen the space between door frame and wall when it comes to installing doors. This is a very common scenario and a lot of people take the help of trim in order to fill the gap and increase the aesthetic value of the door as well as of the room. 

Everyone knows this way and there is nothing new. But if you fill the gap or conceal the imperfection with the crown molding, you will bring a whole new look to the home. It will not only save your problem but also give others Crown Molding Ideas to decorate their interior. 

4. Crown Molding Finishing Off the Hanging Top Edges

Due to errors in structure or less required building skills, a lot of houses have walls that do not reach the ceiling properly. It cannot only ruin the home look but also weakens the overall structure. If you are facing the same kind of situation, it is the best time to solve it with crown molding. 

In this way, you can fill the gap, increase the appeal, and enable additional support. Nowadays, a lot of professional interior designers suggest going for crown molding before starting other designing works. 

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5. Crown Molding Dressing up Exterior Entry Door Headers

When a person will visit your home or office, you may want to give her/him a special feel of your home. You can make that easily possible with the crown molding. If your entry door top is designed with crown molding, before entering your place, the person will get a sense of your class. Isn’t that amazing? When people ask us to share the best Crown Molding Ideas, we always mention this idea and most of them really like this. And you too can try it!


These are the ways you can use crown molding in your home. But when you are going to buy, we will suggest you take the help of a skilled professional otherwise both money and time will be wasted. 

Before hiring one, do the proper research about his/her skill and reputation and if everything seems okay, you can finalize the crown-molding project!

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