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Western Red Cedar Lumber Guide

Western Red Cedar Lumber Guide

Red Western cedar is a versatile and resilient species used for various interior and exterior building applications. This valuable conifer has a unique texture and color with high wood durability. 

Western Red Cedar Size And Edges 

Based on the size, the cedar lumber classification includes the following: 

  • Light Framing: this is two to four inches thick with two to four inches width with four surface sides or rough sawn. 

  • Stringers And Beams: this refer to rectangular members surfaced or rough sawn at five inches and the width is two inches more than the thickness. 

  • Planks And Structural Joists: these refer to two- to four-inch-thick rectangular members with five-inch width having four surfaced sides or rough sawn. 

  • Timbers And Posts: these are the square members, surfaced or rough sawn. 

Western Red Cedar Hardwood - Characteristics, Quality, And Grade 

  • Characteristics: This is a large or medium size tree growing up to 60 m and the diameter is 2.5 m. The tree lives for over 1000 years with the trunk tapering rapidly and the crown is even and long, turning irregular as it ages. The top of the tree often has a forked appearance. The stringy and grey bark tears off to form long strips and you find this in the mature trees. The scale-like leaves arranged on twigs are fan-like, flat sprays emitting a unique aroma. The egg-shaped seed cones have multiple scale pairs ripening in the late summer. This sheds in winter and the pollen cones have a reddish color with small structure. 

  • Quality: Even the wood of fallen trees remains in good shape for over 100 years since it resists insect damage and decay. You can salvage the wood even after this to cut into roof shakes. This lightweight wood has a low strength and moderate softness. It is popular due to the working properties with satiny, smooth finish. The machining qualities are good; this shapes, planes well, and you can send this to create smooth finishes. The gluing of the wood is easy with moderate holding ability for screw and nail. This polishes well. 

  • Grade: Different characteristics determine the grade of the red cedar. This includes the clear, vertical grain, A clear, clear heart, and rustic among others. 

Western Red Cedar Dimension 

A machined, standard cladding comes from a sawn timber of dimensions 1 x 6 inches and this works for the various cedar grades. Narrower planks are available as per the desire of the construction project. 

Cedar lumber undergoes structural grading based on specialty applications like shop, clears, siding, fence, and paneling along with its appearance.

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