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The Best Construction Materials - Supplied by Florida Lumber in Miami

The Best Construction Materials - Supplied by Florida Lumber in Miami

It is not easy building a house. You may require different types of construction materials in the process. Drywall is an essential material used during construction. Hence, it is available through every reputable construction supply facility in Miami, such as Florida Lumber. The large rectangular or square sheets of drywall are used to cover the wooden frames. These sheets are painted in different colors or decorated with various types of wallpaper for decorative effects.

1. Drywall & Gypsum Products

Florida Lumber offers different types of drywall or gypsum products in its collection of high-end construction materials. The standard width of drywall panels is 48 inches. These panels are available in various lengths, such as 8/9/10/12/14-inch long panels. This service provider delivers 1/2-inch or 5/8-inch panels of regular or mold- and mildew-resistant drywall. The 1/2-inch drywall panels are standard products while the 5/8-inch panels are thickest materials. The 5/8-inch drywall panels are capable of soundproofing and are coated with the fire-resisting solution. In the collection of 1/2-inch panels, you may find both regular and mold/mildew-resistant products. The rated and mold/mildew-resistant drywall panels are available through the collection of 5/8-inch materials.

2. Cement Products

Florida Lumber offers different types of cement products for construction workers in Miami. The concrete mix is an exclusive product for every construction supply. It contains a mix of cement, sand, and gravel in adequate proportion. This mix is used to pave sidewalks/floors/patios. This service provider has a ‘sand mix’ that contains cement and sand. This mix is used in repairing large cracks/concrete floors and to create a layer for ceramic flooring. The ‘mason mix’ is another useful product for any masonry work. Its mix includes sand and cement in ideal proportion. You may even find non-shrink grout or roof-tile mortar through Florida Lumber.

3. Rebar and Concrete Accessories

Rebar or reinforcement steel from Florida Lumber adds stability and tensile strength to all types of concrete structures. These high-end products are used in the construction of buildings, sidewalks, townhouses, and other structures. The lightest #3 rebar through this service provider is ideal for the construction of patios/driveways. This site is equally suitable for projects that bear moderate weight after completion. The #4 or the #5 rebar is ideal for walls and columns. The #5 rebar can minimize the degree of settling. Hence, this rebar is equally suitable for foundations. Florida Lumber also provides bars of #6, #7, #8, #9, #10 and #11 reinforcement steel to satisfy the necessities of different types of projects. This service provider also offers different types of concrete accessories, such as rebar caps, cavity caps, PolyFilm, bar ties, and various other items. The list of high-end accessories essential for construction also includes foundation chairs, high chairs, and slab bolster.

4. Construction Hardware & Fasteners

Florida Lumber supplies a variety of hardware construction materials in Miami. The list of hardware accessories includes a variety of hangers, straps, and connectors made of high-end materials. These materials are used to join pieces of wood together or to attach the woods to concrete to build various structures, such as overhangs, truss or floor decks. You may also find hurricane clips, truss anchors, U-joist hangers, mending plates, rafter ties and angles through this service provider.

5. Roofing Materials

Florida Lumber offers premium-quality roofing materials for all construction specialists in Miami. You may find fiberglass shingles, #90 roofing-slate, wet-and-dry roof paper, #30 roofing papers, drip cap, angle flashing and different types of roof cementing or coating materials. You may even find different types of insulating materials for fiberglass roofs, such as R-11/R-19/R-30. Thermofoil/Styrofoam panels are available through this service provider for insulation. These products can help you build strong roofs capable of withstanding virtually any climate condition.

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