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Difference Between Softwood and Hardwood

Difference Between Softwood and Hardwood

If we pay close attention, we realize that wood products have a significant role in our everyday lives. Many of the products we commonly use are made from wood. Our homes, home interiors, offices, and gardens are usually replete with wood-based material. Woods are lightweight, cheap and beautiful. There’s usually a good bit of curiosity about wood with respect to where it comes from, what the different types are, what different uses it has.

Major types of woods:

Woods are basically divided into two types: Hardwood and Softwood. Many think that these terms are self-explanatory, but that isn’t always the case.

There are many hardwoods that are softer than softwoods. The source of hardwood lies in angiosperm flower plants like walnut and oak. For softwood, it is gymnosperm plants such as spruce and pine. They both differ from each other on many parameters, but the important is the fact that hardwood is more fire-resistant than softwood. Hardwood trees also have broader leaves, while softwood trees have needles.

Softwood and availability:

Softwood is the part of the trunk or branches of coniferous, or cone-bearing, trees. Softwood has many advantages and offers significant utility. Around 80 % of timber actually comes from softwood. Many times softwood is preferred over hardwood due to how cost-effective it is. It is also lightweight and easy to cut. Machines and cutting tools can operate easily on softwood. Softwoods are used for a variety of purposes, such as for the construction of roofs and the inner walls of a house. It is also used for fences, doors and many other things.

Softwood is easy to work with in comparison to hardwood. Things can be made easily with softwood. However, softwood is not easily available like hardwood, yet it is very popular. Finding softwood can be challenging, however. Hardwoods are generally used for furniture and softwood is preferred for making windows and doors.

Softwoods are changing our lives

Softwoods are adding beauty to our lives by enhancing our surroundings. Windows, doors, and fittings made from softwoods are very attractive and enhance the overall beauty of a location. Inviting windows and doors are very welcoming to guests in a home and comforting to the residents. Similarly, the well-designed doors of offices and shops add an extra edge to the locale. The importance of softwood cannot be overlooked. They are bringing vibrancy to the environment every day. The decorative art products made from softwoods are a delight to artists and art lovers. These products are highly in demand. Spruce Lumber as softwood is been used for making many of these products.

Softwoods for Doors and windows:

Doors and windows are the most important part of any building. While noting the beauty of a door, we also need to consider the safety it provides to its location. A home is secured when it has a strong door. Softwood greatly serves that purpose. They have strength and durability. They can withstand environmental forces like wind attacks, rains, dust, and fungus. Doors provide security to our homes, offices, shop and other important places. Even in ancient times, kings guarded their big palaces with huge doors. Formidable doors prevented attacks from outsiders and ensured the safety of people living inside the palaces.

While hardwoods are generally serving more important and functional purposes, softwoods are bringing comfort and aesthetics to the world around us. Research has proven that increased use of woods has a positive physiological effect on our health. It has a calming and relaxing effect on the mind, as well. Woods store carbon dioxide and are renewable. By choosing wood, you are helping support, local craftsmen and carpenters, as well. In short, woods serve a wide variety of useful purposes.

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