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8 reasons why you should opt for pergolas to transform your outdoor area

8 reasons why you should opt for pergolas to transform your outdoor area

Pergolas are gaining a lot of traction nowadays, and nowadays home, owners are finding them very intriguing, and everybody wants one either in their backyard or on their terraces.

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What is a pergola?

Pergolas, also known as 'patio roofs,' is an architectural room-like structure that provides shelter from rain, sunlight, snow and wind and enlarges the living space of an individual's house.

They can be attached to the house or can be made separately too. Many times, people use the terms gazebo and arbor instead of pergolas. These types of outdoor seating arrangements can also result in an inclined value of your property.

Materials such as all types of wood, metals, glass, fabrics, etc., can be used to construct an exemplary patio roof. If an individual wants a patio roof within a specific budget, then they can refer to multiple DIY ideas to construct pergolas available on the internet. Whereas someone with no budget issue can hire a contractor to complete the work perfectly within a specific time.

8 ways why pergolas add to the beauty of your overall house - Find out details here!

1.  Addition of attractive screens for personality

Adding personalized screens and frames to your pergolas will definitely be a good idea. Such covers and screens provide a fascinating look to your pergolas, and you can customize them as per your personality and preferences.

The frames and screens will make your walls look more attractive and scenic and even emit positive vibes. Whereas the covers you decide to put up on your roof will not only save you from excessive sunlight but will also allow you to enjoy the pleasant weather.

These covers will also produce astonishing shadow patterns, highlighting the patio roof's beauty. Moreover, if chosen correctly, these frames and screens will add an aesthetic and unique touch to your pergolas.

2.   Extend your porch space

The front area of the house covered by the roof is known as porch space. These empty spaces in front of your house have several uses such as customizable sitting arrangement space, extra space for additional furniture, providing shelter from rain and excessive sunlight, protection of leading door and windows, etc.

However, pergolas act as an addition to open space attached to the house and result in extended porch space, and homeowners get some more space to set up the right zone to have some quality time together.

Note - You can build pergolas with the materials you will love and also consider the weather conditions and location of your pergola to get a long-lasting pergola.

Extension of a porch space by combining it with a patio roof will definitely transform the overall look of your house, and the value of the property will be increased due to the additional and customizable space.

3.  Give your patio some shade.

There are numerous ways through which one can give shade to a patio. One of the reasons an individual would prefer to provide shade to a patio is to protect themselves from the summer heat and sunburn; certain people also opt for shaded pergolas in order to enjoy the monsoon while being protected from the rain.

So, pergolas also protect you from the sun's shadow and rain while also allowing you to enjoy some quality time in summers and monsoons.

The size and placement of a pergola's beams will influence how much shade it provides. The amount of sunlight that is blocked is determined by the sun's position and the slats' alignment. You can have sun in the morning and shade in the afternoon if you do it correctly, offering you the combination of the two.

So, make the best out of your pergola and enjoy the beautiful nature out there!

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4.  Utilization of organic materials for the win

We can use different types of materials for the construction of pergolas. Mostly, people use materials such as metals, fabrics, ropes, glass, etc., but pergolas made up of natural stuff can be eye-catching and add that nature-friendly vibe to your overall home.

Utilization of materials such as wood, bamboo, mattresses made up of brass, etc., can definitely increase the overall looks of the patio roof as well as your house. And also provide relaxation to the human mind and body.

Though it is easy to build a patio roof from metals and textiles, the construction of pergolas using natural materials is not an easy task. So, it is better if you can hire an experienced contractor for the same.

If you are concerned about the durability of natural materials, then let me tell you that these natural materials consist of chemicals, due to which they do not deteriorate very quickly and make the pergolas inevitably attractive and durable at the same time.

In addition to that, people with budget issues can easily afford pergolas made up of organic materials.

5.  Create ambiance via a firepit

Fire Pits have become really necessary for countries with unusually cold atmospheres. Having one of these under your pergolas roof will change the place's vibes. These fire pits also play a vital role in attracting people by making certain places eye-catching.

Not only do these fire pits increase the overall look of your pergola, but they also keep you warm and cozy during a really freezing day, and they will never let you feel under the weather on a frosty day.

Moreover, these fire pits are helpful in other ways, too, such as; several people convert these fire pits into a griller which can be used for preparing mouth-watering dishes such as Barbeque.

In addition to that, when you have a fire pit, there's no need for an additional source of light, as they can keep burning and provide abundant light and warmth to you. As you won't need the support of an electric heater or additional lighting, it directly helps you save a few bucks by reducing your electricity bill.

6.  Cover it with plants

Plants have always been an unignorable part of our lives and ecosystem. But the benefits of these plants and trees aren't limited to here. Individuals can use these plants to cover and surround their pergolas to make them more appealing.

Covering it up with flora and fauna will not only make it more attractive but also will keep the atmosphere fresh and cool. And the flowers growing in these plants and trees will keep the whole house fragrant and could be used to decorate the patio roof.

An increased number of plants will result in more purification of air and relaxed surroundings. Due to this purified air, one could spend more time outdoors in order to stay fit and breathe the fresh air to keep themselves safe from breathing problems such as asthma. Greenery also helps in attracting different species of birds and insects, which helps in the diversification of nature.

7.  Light it up

Whether it is a house or a patio, lighting plays a pivotal role in both of them. One of the critical elements to make your pergolas more irresistible and sustainable is abundant brightness so that an evening does not come to an end as the sun goes down.

To enjoy the beautiful evening outdoors and spend some quality time with your family & friends, plenty of lights are required so that the fun does not stop with the sunset.

But you might wonder what kind of lighting should be used to brighten a pergola.

Well, the opinion varies, but people usually prefer string lights, lanterns, candles, etc., whereas, in my opinion, circular Japanese lamps would do the magic. These lamps are usually made of paper and plastic, making them cheap and easily affordable for people with tight budgets.

Moreover, string lights and different sorts of candles can also increase the show of your patio roof. For instance, wrapping these string lights around the bottom of a pergola or hanging circular lamps on the top at different heights will definitely result in maximizing the brightness. But it also depends on how a person utilizes it.

8.  Embrace the white and wicker

Black and white have always been two of the most preferred colors for everything, whether it's about choosing a dress for a wedding or purchasing a car. For people, who want a classy and stylish patio roof, opt for black.

Whereas on the contrary, people who prefer royalty usually prefer bright-white colored things. A white patio roof will look posh and royal. Moreover, it is scientifically proven that white color absorbs less heat than black and helps keep things cool.

So, having white pergolas and wicker furniture will not only make it look good, but it will also help in keeping things cool during summer, so that one can enjoy the outdoor atmosphere with their family, even in summer.

But, in the end, it all boils down to your requirements and desired look. So, choose the ideal fit and make your pergola look beautiful. 


So, here is the wrap of 8 reasons why you should have a pergola in your house, along with some helpful tips about how you can enhance the overall look of the pergola.

People without any budget issues should definitely go for some of the posh pergolas. Not only does it give you extra living space, but it also increases the value of your property. At the same time, people with a specific budget should take support from friends or family to construct a patio roof by themselves with the help of a DIY kit.

Such productive activities can bring family members together, and spending some time in open outdoor spaces helps keep our brains healthy.

Also, if you are looking for professional assistance, we would love to help you! 

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