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How to Make Concrete Blocks?

How to Make Concrete Blocks?

Preparing concrete blocks is so easy you can even do it at home. To make concrete blocks, you will require just a few ingredients. If you are going to build a small structure at home, knowing how to make concrete blocks at home will help you at a great level.

How to make Concrete Blocks?

When it comes to making concrete blocks, some things need to be considered such as the place, raw material, equipment, and so on. You know that the right usages of the right things are going to let you get amazing blocks that you can use for your structure.

Where should you make concrete blocks?

You have to manage a big and flat land where you can easily store all raw materials, equipment, and finished blocks. Space should be big enough so that you can easily store the aggregates. You should not store these on the bare ground otherwise you have to face moisture damage and contamination.

According to the experts, you should keep the aggregates and cement separately until you mix them to make blocks. You can store cement bags in a dry room. Apart from this, you will need a flat space where you can mix these ingredients.

The raw material needed for making concrete blocks

No matter if you are making concrete blocks for your structure or for selling purposes, you should use the best quality ingredients. Only the best quality ingredients will help you in having the perfect mixture and you will get robust blocks that will last for years.

To prepare the mixture, you have to use some raw materials such as water, sand, gravel, and portland cement. After mixing all these things in the perfect ratio, you will get deep into the light grey mixture, and the blocks will be of light grey color.

The blocks will also have sine surface texture and high comprehensive strength. You may know that a typical concrete block generally weighs 40 to 45 lb.

The right equipment for making concrete blocks 

Now, you have to deploy some general-purpose tools along with a molding machine. You can enable automatic concrete mixtures but you can do that manually too if you want to save some bucks.

You can mix all the mentioned ingredients on a steel sheet or a flat concrete slab. You should not directly mix it on soil otherwise the soil will contaminate its batch.

Apart from these tools, you may require wheelbarrows, hosepipes, shovels, and plastic sheeting. You should be careful about the ratio and entire quantity otherwise there will be a lot of wastage.

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Use the best cement and aggregates

The cement you are going to use for your concrete blocks should be of strength class 42, 5N or you can use higher quality cement too. You know that the blocks should be cured as soon as possible.

Apart from this, you should use fine river sand or pit, coarse sand or stones. The stones should not be bigger than 10mm if you are trying to make hollow bricks. In the case of solid bricks or blocks, you can use 13mm stones easily.

According to the experts, you can easily make such blocks with the help of coarse sand but if you wish you can also use aggregates. Here, you can do some experiments with coarse sand and river sand to see which one is preparing the stronger concrete block for you.

Preparation recipe of Concrete Blocks

After the experiment, you will be able to find out the best mixture option for your concrete blocks. Once you find the best mixture recipe, you can mix in large quantities so that you can create more blocks within a short period.

You can use aggregate and cement in an 8:1 ratio with 3.5 bags of cement. While preparing the mixture, you should add 90% water initially and the rest 10% water you should add slowly to have a fine consistency.

The concrete mixture should be wet properly otherwise it will be impossible to hold together when you will compact it. You should not make the mixture over wet otherwise the blocks will start sagging and lose the shape you want. 


If you are planning to make your concrete blocks on your own you can follow all these discussed things. In this way, you will end up having super-strong concrete blocks with amazing shapes.

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