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How to cut Concrete Blocks with Different Tools?

How to cut Concrete Blocks with Different Tools?

It is very common nowadays that you have to cut concrete blocks to place them in the way you want. But cutting concrete blocks is not an easy task. But there are some effective ways that you can easily follow.

How to cut concrete blocks?

Way 1: Cut Concrete with a Hammer and Chisel 

Using a hammer and chisel is one of the popular ways to cut concrete blocks. Here all you need to do is define a layout line across the concrete block, you can use chalk to keep the line visible. Now, you should get ready with safety glasses, a dust mask, and work gloves.

After that, you need to place the chisel on the line and strike it with an effective hammer. You should make the scored line deep nearly 1/8 inch.

Now you can strike anywhere along the scored line by using the hammer and a chisel. You will be able to break the concrete block into two pieces but you will see a jagged cut along the scored line.

Way 2: Cut Concrete with the use of Power Saw

There is another effective way of cutting concrete blocks with either a power masonry saw or a circular saw. You need to equip the saw with masonry or a diamond blade. Now you need to put on safety glasses, hearing protection, and a dust mask.

You need to set the saw uniquely so that it can easily cut about ¼ inch to ½ inch deep. You should cut around the entire block and after that adjust it. In this way, you will be able to cut ¼ inch to ½ deeper into the concrete block.

You can make a series of passes until you get the desired result. Here, you are going to get a cleaner result than using any chiseling.

Way 3: Cut Concrete with Block Splitter

You will easily get a block splitter from any home center or tool rental store. With a block splitter, you have to place the block under the cutting blade and the splitter will cut. But before switching on the splitter, you should secure the block using the tightening wheel.

Now you need to pull down the splitter lever and put pressure on the lever until you successfully split the concrete block.

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Way 4: Cut Concrete Blocks with an Angle Grinder

We have seen that many professionals also prefer to use an angle grinder when it comes to cutting concrete blocks. According to them, the unique design of the angle grinder helps to cut the concrete properly. Even it helps in having small square holes in a concrete block wall. 

> You can start the process with the help of a pencil and measurement tape and define the layout of the concrete. Like any other previous way, now you should also pun on safety glasses, a dust mask, and work gloves.

> Now you need to switch on the grinder. You should hold it firmly so that its blades can face out and the guard face up.

> After that, you need to score the surface of the block (on the pencil marks) with the angle grinder. You should continue it until you get a depth of 1/8 inch. You need to repeat this process on each pencil mark or line.

> You should cut the concrete block across the score marks. You should cut outside edges first before cutting the center of the line. In this way, the task will be easier for you. You can flip the block and do the same again. After trimming any excess edges, you will be able to finish the task. 


These are the best four ways that you can follow when it comes to how to cut concrete blocks and fit into the desired places. You should always consider the mentioned safety measures while cutting concrete blocks.

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