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Why Impact Doors and Windows Are Required in Miami?

Why Impact Doors and Windows Are Required in Miami?

In Miami, a window does not just serve as a passage for wind and light and a door does not just serve as an entryway. Miami has warm weather during the summer and has a comfortable winter season. Therefore, in Miami, a glass window has to let the light pass through without letting the heat passing through the window. 

A door needs to fulfill the similar requirements in Miami. It is equally important for the glass windows and doors in Miami to withstand the attack of powerful tropical storms. Hence, it is essential for the buildings in Miami to be fitted with the impact windows or impact doors Miami

What is an impact door and window? 

The impact-resistant doors/windows are made of impact-resistant laminated glass panes and are fitted inside the heavy-duty frames. The Structural Silicone Glazing technology is used in order to attach the glass to the frame. 

A piece of laminated glass (a vinyl layer is used between two layers of annealed glass) is used in the manufacturing of impact doors and windows. This glass pane does not completely break when being hit by the forceful wind. The silicone glazing technology prevents the glass pane from breaking off its metal frame.

Why Impact Doors Required in Miami? 

Miami has a hot and humid weather during summer and a warm and dry weather during winter. In short, this city is hit by many powerful tropical storms. Hence, the impact doors are perfect for Miami’s unique climatic condition. 

They do not just protect the interior of a building along with the roof. An impact door/window can even keep the interior temperature comfortable. When you install an impact door/window, you notice the following benefits.

  • Sunlight gets into the room without letting the heat pass through.

  • Cool conditioned air circulates in a room without letting any condensation forming on the surface of a glass.

  • During summer, the hot and humid outside air does not come inside the room.

  • During winter, the warm inside air does not leak out of the room.

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Additionally, an impact door/window protects a building from damage during hurricane or other tropical storms. The doors and windows are the primary points of entry for the wind/rain/wind-borne debris. It is essential to install impact-resistant windows/doors in a building that is located within one mile of the coast, as the wind-speed may be 110 mph or higher at this distance from the ocean. In Miami, this is a mandatory requirement according to the Florida Building Code (FBC)

FBC has specified the performance and construction requirements for the exterior doors and windows to be installed in Miami and other cities. The strength of each impact door and windows needs to be tested by approved testing facility. The approved labels need to contain the following details.

  • Manufacturer’s name 

  • Windows’/doors’ performance characteristics

  • Name of approved product certification agency

  • Name of testing laboratory

  • Name of evaluation entity

  • Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance

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How Much Does an Impact Doors Cost?

The cost of impact windows or impact doors Miami depends upon various factors. For example, the cost of the physical components greatly influences the cost of the impact doors/windows. A hurricane-impact door/window is made of impact-resistant glass that is expensive. However, the materials may cost $1,000-$2,000 or higher depending on the local price variables.

Labor charge is another factor that influences the cost of hurricane impact doors or windows. You may be expected to spend $75-$500 for the installation of each door. However, the cost may increase under different circumstances depending upon a door’s or window’s design of complications during installation (uncomplimentary architecture or underlying issues).

The time of installation also influences the cost of installation, as labor charge increases right before the hurricane season due to being in demand. You also have to consider the additional cost of investing into the warranties and insurance policy when installing an impact door.


It is mandatory to install impact-resistant doors and windows in Miami, as the Florida Building Code has specified it. It is mandatory for the buildings located within 100 miles of the coast to be fitted with impact-resistant doors/windows to withstand the force of gale or tropical storms. The cost of impact-resistant door/window depends upon various factors and it is prudent to enquire about them before investing in impact doors/windows.

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