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How to replace interior door handles and knobs?

How to replace interior door handles and knobs?

Door handles of the interior door are the most used component and you do not think about it much until there is some problem. Sometimes replacing the handle is the only way to make it work normally.

How to replace an interior door handle and knobs

First, determine the reason for replacing the knob and the type of component required. You may need to replace a loose knob, misaligned components, stiff lock, unsightly knob, or one without a lock. Here are some steps in replacing the handle.

Remove knob: Use an object between the frame and the door to keep this open. Use the screwdriver to remove screws on the door sides and this makes the knob and the steel square peg holding the knobs together come out. Minus any screws, use a small tab to push in using the screwdriver and this releases the doorknob.

Latch removal: Remove the latch plate surrounding the sticking out piece and then slide the latch that extends from the door edge to the handle.

Strike plate removal: This remains attached to the door jamb so remove the screws holding this. The new plate should match the handle.

Backset measurement: After the component removal measure the backset starts from the door edge to the central part of the opening for the handle to enter. This helps you to select the right knob.

After taking out the old handle you want to install the new one to replace it.For designs with locks, you want one having the mechanism on the right side.

Latch assembly insertion: Slide the assembly through the hole on the door’s edge. For making a new hole gets the measurement by holding the assembly and drawing around it. This way, you know about the required shape and size to chisel the hole. The latch has one angled side and it hits the plate first for the latch to slide.

The angled part should be close the doorframe. The correct latch length is important and it should be at the middle of the opening of the doorknob. Multiple settings allow you to adjust its length.

Install the knob: Install the handle on the interior door and start with the outside handle followed by the inner part on another side. Keeps the handle in space for screwing it in first manually then using a screwdriver?

Strike plate installation: Use a drill or screwdriver to maintain the position of the plate on the door jamb. Whether keeping the new plate or installing a new one proper latch alignment is necessary.

Check the working of the handle: The door handle should work normally with proper closing and secure latching. Open and close to make sure that it works properly. Problems with correct latching require strike plate adjustment but fixing this is easy.

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6 Effective Ways to Fix Door Knobs and Door

1. Remove rust: Rust leads to mechanical failure but the external build-up of rust may not indicate and internal oxidation. Fix the rust on latch bolts and handles when present because it interferes with the functionality. Lubricate the parts of the locking mechanism to prevent rusting.

2. Part replacement: Parts of an old handle may break with the small components falling out or corroding beyond salvation. You may need to replace the broken pieces to restore the functioning of the handle. Assess the parts and spring in the cylinder after taking the lock apart.

3. Tighten connection: There may be looseness of the handle with use as its rotation applies a torque on the hardware. Tightening the loose connection works when all the handle parts are present. Determine the attachment of the handle to doors to handle the problem.

4. Maintenance of door: Adjustment of the door may be necessary to fix the handle because issues with the former affect the functionality of the latter. The misaligned door may be the result of changes to the door, property foundation, or frame.

Moving foundation and weather effects interfere with the handle operation. Adjust strike plate and refinish the wood to handle the problem.

5. Complete replacement: Assembly damage complicates the problem so you consider whether replacing or repair is the more cost-effective option.

6. Locksmith service: When the project seems beyond your capability, do not take any chance, and simply call the locksmith. They have the tools and expertise to handle the issues successfully and they restore the functioning of the handle.


While the knob and handle of the interior door may appear complex replacing it is not as hard as we may think. It is necessary to understand the handle type before replacing it successfully.

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