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How to clean baseboards?

How to clean baseboards?

Are you planning to clean baseboards? So, we are sharing some of the best tips that would help you clean baseboards effectively. But before jumping on cleaning steps, few cleaning tips help you get the best outcomes.  

3 Major Baseboard cleaning tips

  • While cleaning your home, ensure you have saved the baseboards for last since it consumes much time to clean instead of washing your walls and doors.
  • To ensure cleanliness work produces the best results, then pick one room in a day. Hence, you will see real progress in your hard work.
  • Try to do teamwork, since it helps you make your cleaning work perfect, and somehow it may turn your cleaning tasks into happy moments.

How to clean baseboard- Read a step-by-step guide!

First, one should identify the type of baseboards, such as painted and non-painted. Well, many homes have painted baseboards, which are specially coated with wear and tear protection formulas.

To complete the cleanliness task, here we consider an example so you can get the most out of it.

Suppose you have painted baseboards with a glossy finish that are durable and consume less dirt. Regardless, whatever the painted baseboard has, one should maintain the quality of baseboards by monthly maintenance.

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How To Remove And Replace Baseboards?

Now, check out the steps: 

  1. Take out the vacuum cleaner and suck out the whole dirt and debris present over baseboards. Don’t forget tips; you can clean the corners with a cotton cloth to look clean and clear from top to bottom.

  2. After removing dirt, the next step is to a cotton swab or dip a sponge into the water to clean the baseboards. Ensure you have added detergent or another cleanliness formula to make the tips clean. However, to remove stubborn stains, use grease and warm water with a scrub.

  3. For the extra finish, dab the cotton cloth or scrub into cleaning formula and then put your efforts into cleaning the whole area, including tips.

  4. Instead of cotton cloth, use a microfiber cloth to eradicate the debris and wipe out dust coming from the baseboards.

  5. Once the previous steps are complete, dryer baseboards to keep your baseboards clean, beautiful, and free from damage.

If your baseboard is made of wood, you must repeat the previous steps, but there is a slight difference while cleaning unpainted or wooden baseboards. 

One should mix the ¼ dish soap with one tablespoon of vegetable oil in warm water. It will work as an active cleaner of wooden baseboards. Once the cleaning process is completed, dry wood is essential to prevent any damage.   

What are the best ways to clean baseboards?

  • Brooms and brushes
  • Cotton cloth
  • Wet baby wipes
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Dryer sheets

Despite this, you can even include your cleaning methods and accessories that you find effective and work best.


Now, you have an idea to clean the baseboards effectively without any help from an expert. We hope these cleaning methods of baseboards will help you get the most of your cleaning techniques and hard work.

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