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3 Reasons to Install Hurricane Impact Doors in Your Home

3 Reasons to Install Hurricane Impact Doors in Your Home

Hurricanes are devastating tropical cyclone with a maximum sustained wind-speed of 74 mph. This whirling gale destroys everything that comes in its path. The severity of the damage depends on the whirlwind’s speed. The hurricanes are categorized with 1-5 rating.

The higher the rating, the greater is the potential of a hurricane to cause damage to the properties. In this scenario, it is prudent to install the hurricane impact doors if you live in a city that is often affected by this tropical cyclone.

The construction of hurricane impact doors is different from average entry doors. Hence, these doors are capable of offering better protection to your property from the devastating effect of hurricanes.

3 Reasons to Choose Hurricane Impact Doors

Reason 1: Absolute Safety

Safety is the main reason behind installing the hurricane impact doors in comparison to the average doors. The hurricane impact doors are built using rigorously tested materials capable of withstanding the severe climatic conditions.

These doors are usually built with impact-resistant laminated glass, heavy-duty frames and composite reinforcements. The polyurethane foam cores and reinforced hinges are used when building hurricane impact doors. Hence, these doors can offer extensive protection to the interior of a building in the event of a hurricane.

These doors can withstand the strong force of cyclonic wind and prevent it from getting inside a building, as it may wreak havoc to the furnishings and walls.

Reason 2: Higher Resale Value

Installing the hurricane impact doors is not only essential to ensure the safety of a residential or commercial building. These doors also leave an impact on the resale value of a property. These types of doors/windows usually last for years without being damaged.

The value of any property depends a lot upon its curb-appeal and hurricane impact doors or windows prevent a property’s curb-appeal from diminishing, as they remain intact for years.

This type of door/window also protects the walls and roof from being damaged by the strong force of wind. Therefore, the hurricane impact doors ensure that a property’s value increases over the years.

Reason 3: Keeping Safe for Years

The hurricane impact doors or windows are made of impact-resistant materials, such as fiberglass/aluminum facings. Many doors are secured using the interlocking rails. The manufacturers of hurricane impact doors also use corrosion resistant hardware to ensure longevity.

Many hurricane impact doors are fitted with stainless-steel trims and hinges in order to resist damages due to corrosion. Hence, these doors have been built to last for years and can keep you safe for ages. The hurricane impact windows/doors also save you from expensive renovations after the property inspection due to the durability of these products.


It may feel like a holiday forever when you live in the vicinity of a beach. However, these coastal areas are mostly hit by the tropical cyclones. The whirling gale is not as enjoyable as the sunny weather with mild breeze.

Hence, it is important to install hurricane impact doors on your property. These doors pass through extensive quality tests before they are put out in the market and help you keep your family and property safe while enduring the strong force of Mother Nature. If you are looking for such type of Hurricane impact doors, contact us here.

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